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From Sorrentino’s, a new concept is born


buco pizzeria + vino bar is a part of Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group

Carmelo Rago, President and CEO of Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group, has gone back to his roots, across the bay from Sorrento to Naples. Known for being Italy’s culinary delight, Naples carries the gold standard for pizza-making. This is the standard that Carmelo and the rest of the SRG Culinary Team have used to develop the menu for BUCO.

Tantalizing, contemporary and very Italian menu items have been developed. The collaborative effort between Carmelo and the talented culinary team of Chefs and Pizzaioli, brings the menu to life, cooked right in front of you in our open-kitchen concept with: Assaggini (small tastes), Antipasti (appetizers), Zuppa + Insalate (soup + salads), House-Made Pasta, Griglia (from the grill) and of course PIZZA! Even our Panini are made fresh with our light pizza dough. Our Napolitana-Style pizza falls into two categories: Rossa (red): with crushed San Marzano tomatoes and Bianca (white): no tomato sauce. Buco’s Dolci (desserts) are all made in-house – deliziosi!

Buco’s pizza dough consists of 00 flour, natural yeast, salt and water. BUCO’s dough is formed by hand by the Pizzaiolo without the help of a rolling pin. The pizza is baked in a stone oven with a birch-wood fire at 800 degrees. BUCO uses D.O.P. products wherever possible (tomatoes, olives, cheeses, wines). D.O.P. stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta which means Protected Designation of Origin. This quality assurance label shows that the product has been guaranteed to come from specific regions by local Italian farmers and artisans that follow historically protected methods for growing and producing. The use of these products ensures the authenticity of the Napoletana pizza-making process. This is the standard that BUCO will offer its hungry guests. For the Gluten Intolerant we have developed a true gluten-free pizza dough recipe which is phenomenal in texture and taste – also made with Italian Gluten-Free flour.



With our dedication and passion, buco pizzeria + vino bar is proud to bring you wines, directly imported from Italy. You will partake in an amazing journey from North to South in a land which continuously changes, meeting wines that are the pure expression of the places where they are made. Buco also offers fun and unique Canadian and World Wine Choices. Our meticulously concocted Cocktails and interesting Beer choices will be a crowd pleaser.

The creation of Buco Pizzeria + Vino Bar is a full-circle moment for Carmelo Rago as he reflects on those days 39 years ago when he was making pizza for guests in his first restaurant in Sorrento Castle Downs, a neighborhood in north Edmonton. As BUCO is a new generation of the restaurant group, so are the people who will be operating it. The next generation of the Rago Family, Maurizio, Carmelo Jr., Pasquale and Antonio, will be taking the reins of this new concept restaurant and walking in the steps of their father before him.

Over the years, as the Rago and Saccomanno families grew, so did the business. If BUCO is any indication, it will be exciting to see what is to come for the next generation of the Sorrentino’s Famiglia.

Buco Pizzeria + Vino Bar